Friday, September 28, 2012

Recover deleted data from hard disc easily with MiniTool Power Data Recovery

Main factors contributing to data losses include malicious programs, malicious damage, mistaken operations, operating system or application software errors, hardware failures, encryption and permission, power-off, memory overflow, upgrade, and so on. What we should do is reduce losses caused by these accidents and recover lost data as much as possible. Apart from data recovery in hardware aspect, more data recovery should be started in software aspect, so excellent data recovery is necessary. There is much data recovery software on the internet, but the uneven quality makes us have no choice. Inferior software can not recover lost data, and it may cause second damage to data, which is likely to cost a large amount of time and cause forever damage to data. Here, the hard disc recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery is recommended to recover lost hard disc data. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is simple, reliable, safe and easy to operate and its free edition has been released for individual and home users, with which we can experience enjoyment brought by professional data recovery software without paying money.

Recover lost data easily with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Simple and accessible operation interface is an essential feature for excellent data recovery software, so MiniTool Power Data Recovery provides users with a clear, simple and intuitive operation interface.

In the main interface, five kinds of data recovery modules are provided. In order to have users understand this hard disc recovery software more clearly, we'll take undeleting data for example. 

Click "Undelete Recovery" to enter this function module.

At this time, we can see the hard disc information. Select the partition where hard disc data recovery will be performed and click "Recover". Then the software will scan the selected partition.

After the scan is finished, we can see deleted data in this partition. Find the data to be recovered and check them with "" in the left box. After that, click "Save Files".

At this time, the system will prompt you to set save path. Click "Browse…" to appoint file storage location and click "OK". Then the system will remind you of confirming the storage location again. Click "OK" and the hard disc data recovery will be finished.

When we face the issue of data storage security, hard disc data recovery is particularly important. And owing to MiniTool Power Data Recovery, users don't have to worry about data losses. Its safe and reliable hard disc data recovery ability will help users recover lost data easily; its free edition provided for individual and home users eliminates your annoyance about payment. Do you want to try this powerful hard disc recovery software? Just visit its official website and download it freely. 

1. After deleting files or formatting partition by accident, we should not write new data to the partition where the lost files are. We are supposed to pay more particular attention when recovering lost data from Partition C due to the particularity of Partition C. No matter in the process of booting computer or shutting down computer, read-write operations are performed frequently. So if we want to recover lost data from Partition C, we'd better shut down computer immediately after the data is deleted, and then connect the hard disc to another computer and recover lost data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery. 

2. We should prepare enough spare disc space to store the recovered files and not save the recovered data to the original partition, in order to avoid unnecessary data losses or damage. 

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