Monday, September 24, 2012

Tragedy of free data backup

In this information age, our data security is threatened by various kinds of crisis in the network. Innumerable viruses and malicious programs are coveting the important data in our computer. Important data loss happens more and more frequently. We should pay more attention to protecting data in computer. More and more users are trying various methods of protecting data security such as install anti-virus software, or back up data in time. Backing up data in time is a popular solution. Some users prefer free data backup software so as to save the cost. In fact, I also chose a free data backup software to back up my disk to protect data security of my computer. This solution did not bring me benefit, but only caused terrible disaster to me.

I wouldn’t like to spend much money on anything because I was not rich. As my computer saved much important business information, I was looking for a practical and economic data protection solution. My friend introduced me the free data backup software, and I searched on the Internet. There were multiple choices. I downloaded one with good reputation from the official website. Then I followed the introduction in official website and set some parameters (mainly the partitions to be backed up and the location of backups). After clicking "Yes" button to reboot the computer, I waited for the software backing up the data. Everything seemed to be successful. About 10 minutes later my computer started rebooting. But the result turned to be a tragedy. The partitions were not backed up successfully, and more seriously, my source partitions were lost, too. All the important business information was lost. What should I do?

When I was so worried, my friend who recommended free data backup software called me to ask about the situation. I told him about the details, and then he asked me to stop any operations. He came to my home very soon and watched the partition situation of my computer. Then he downloaded a data recovery software named MiniTool Power Data Recovery. With simple setting and scanning, he told me that my partitions were recovered. I couldn't believe it but all my lost partitions and data were found. I felt rather surprised. My friend droned on me about the mistakes I had made and helped me to download that data backup software.

Although the experience of using free data backup software is very rough and unsuccessful, I have learned something through it. Besides backing up data, we should employ other methods to protect data security. Facing multiple kinds of data loss when backing up data or when daily using, we can easily recover lost data with data recovery software in time. Therefore, equipping a piece of practical and professional data recovery software in our computer to perform data recovery when necessary is the best solution. 

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  1. More and more users are trying various methods of protecting data security such as install anti-virus software, or back up data in time but you can giving really nice information and suggestion for that.