Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Two ways to partition server 2003

Partition Server 2003 reasonably with MiniTool Partition Wizard
MiniTool Partition Wizard is powerful professional partition manager server of simple operations. If it has been installed to the Server computer, please launch it and select any partition in the main interface. In the "Operations" area, all partition management functions earmarked for the selected partition are shown.
1. Select any partition in basic disk, and all partition management functions appearing in "Operations" area are aimed at basic disk partition, just as follows.

2. If we select any dynamic volume in dynamic disk, the functions appearing in "Operations" area are aimed at dynamic volume.

Owing to so comprehensive functions, users could use the corresponding functions to partition Server 2003 and manage the partitions well according to the practical situation. And disk and partition management operations in Windows Server 2003 can be realized easily.

Use built-in disk management tool in Windows Server 2003
Speaking of rationalizing partition in Server 2003, most users are likely to think of the built-in disk management tool in windows Server 2003. Certainly, it is a disk utility helping many users. Open the system's built-in disk utility and right click any partition, and in the popping shortcut menu, all disk management functions can be seen. For example:
1. Select the basic disk partition and right click it, and all partition management functions are shown in the following picture.

2. Select dynamic volume and right click the mouse, and all dynamic volume management functions of Windows Server 2003 appear, just as follows.

By using those functions of the built-in tool, uses are able to realize lots of common partition management and dynamic volume management. But to partition Server 2003 more reasonably and manage the partition better, the more professional partition manager server – MiniTool Partition Wizard is much better and more convenient.

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