Monday, October 8, 2012

Analyzing causes of disk data loss

What are the real causes of data loss? How can we do perfect precautionary work? Actually, the causes of data loss users analyze usually are very different from the facts. For example, we generally think virus is the main cause of data loss, but the fact is that virus only causes certain effect on computer performance and data security. It is actually not the main cause of data loss. Let's find out the real causes of data loss and the best precautionary solutions.  

Computer users are always willing to find a permanent solution to data security, but there is no such a solution. Backing up data in time is the best solution. We also can analyze the causes of data loss to find some suitable solutions. A research report shows hardware or system fault occupies 56% of data loss causes, and artificial misoperation ranks at the second place and occupies 26%. Software problem and fault occupies 9%. Computer virus only occupies 4%. The irresistible disaster occupies 1-2%.

There are limited solutions to hardware or system fault, but we can choose better hardware, value performance as well as stability, and frequently maintain hardware. When encountering hardware problem, we should deal with it in time. Choose legal copy of operating system. Though these methods can't completely guarantee hardware or system fault, they can protect data security greatly.

Besides hardware and system fault, artificial misoperation becomes one of the main causes of data loss. Actually, we often make mistakes in computer applications. When encountering data loss caused by accidental operations, you should stay calm. Panic only makes us do stupid things. In RAID array computer, do not unplug the disk or format the disk, or all the data in it will be damaged. We should stop using computer as soon as possible, and then employ a suitable solution. If disk makes unusual noise, we should back up disk in time, or data loss is very likely to happen. If your disk works normally, and you have deleted data by accident, you can use data recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover deleted data.

As to software problem, there is no concrete precautionary solution. We should only get to know about the software completely before using it. Choose stable and excellent software as possible as you can. When using it, you should also pay attention to the data storage. For instance, when using Office, we should set the auto save project as 1 minute.

Data losses caused by virus only occupy a small part of data loss situations in the research report. But we should never ignore it. We have no idea when a terrible virus like CIH that damages user’s data massively will emerge, so keeping a good habit of surfing the Internet protects our computer from virus a lot. Anti-virus work is also rather important.

As disaster is irresistible and we have no certain solutions to prevent it, so we can only back up data in time in daily using.

Do perfect precautionary work, and employ remedial measures flexibly, and then we can reduce the data loss risk to the minimum. Combining precautionary solutions with data recovery methods is the best way. 

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