Friday, October 12, 2012

Is MAC really secure?

Since the release of MAC OS X, which is specially designed for MAC, Apple Inc. has been emphasizing the high security of MAC. But is MAC really that secure? MAC users know that data loss disaster rate in MAC is rather lower than in Windows operating systems. Does this mean MAC with MAC OS X has better security performance than other kinds of computer? The answers might be multiple for different users.

Some users think it is because of the differences between MAC OS X and Windows operating systems, but not the advantages of MAC OS X itself, because most kinds of virus are aimed at Windows operating systems that have much more users. Viruses aiming at Windows operating systems can hardly threaten MAC OS X. So the data loss disaster rate in MAC doesn't mean MAC has higher security.
This might be a quite good view, but some loyal MAC fans refute it.

They think besides the objective reason, MAC security also lies in the perfect data security defense of MAC OS X, such as file encryption function and built-in backup software. These security defending measures work together so that MAC can play its perfect security performance. Therefore, MAC security depends on its operating system.

These two views both seem right, but we will find the second one imperfect when we are actually operating. No matter file encryption function or built-in backup software, they both have unpractical effect. File encryption function is only for the file itself and its sub files, but if we delete the parent files, encrypted file will also be deleted. And even MAC built-in backup software can back up data, but if backups are damaged, when source data is lost, we still cannot restore lost data. Thus its protecting function cannot be shown.

We can see that the security of MAC still needs time to verify. But we should not stop protecting data. Third-party software that protects data security in MAC has emerged, such as Kaspersky Anti-Virus and MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. No matter how the security performance of MAC is, we should not believe it blindly and use important data in MAC without making good defense. We must use third-party data recovery software to protect data in MAC. Thus we can use important data in MAC freely and recover MAC lost data in time. 

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