Friday, November 16, 2012

A good choice for NTFS partition data recovery- MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

File system is such a kind of basic structure that is used to manage disk or partition data. Currently, there are 3 kinds of commonly seen file systems, namely FAT (also called FAT16), FAT32, and NTFS. NTFS is the first choice of the vast majority of Windows operating systems. Compared with early FAT32, NTFS has the following advantages:
1. Support managing larger disk.

2. It can recover itself automatically from certain mistakes about disk.  
3. Higher security. Users can set access permission or encrypt file to prevent illegal visit.

These are features of NTFS. However, do you know NTFS can facilitate data recovery? The MFT of NTFS is stored on hard drive in the form of file. Once data are lost, we only need to scan MFT by using data recovery software. Then, we can find lost data quickly and conveniently. Besides, as long as the software can read MFT in NTFS, lost data can be almost 100%recovered. So, to recover lost data from NTFS partition, NTFS partition data recovery software is a good choice. In selecting data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is strongly recommended, which is developed by famous software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd.. maybe some users are still doubtful about this NTFS data recovery tool, so let's use it to recover lost NTFS data from formatted partition.

Recover lost NTFS data from formatted partition by using MiniTool Power Data Recovery
First of all, visit to download this magical NTFS data recovery tool. Then, install and open it:  

Here, we can see 5 different data recovery modules which are designed for different data loss situations. We are going to recover lost NTFS data from formatted partition, so we click "Damaged Partition Recovery" module:

Next, select the formatted partition. The software provides us with 2 data recovery operations. The first one is to click "Open" button to view data directly and then perform NTFS data recovery, and the second one is to click "Full Scan" button to scan lost files carefully. Most of you may ask: is there difference between these 2 operations? Of course, there is. The first operation is designed for the situation where partition is inaccessible. Employing this solution, we can recover lost NTFS data from inaccessible partition quickly. The second operation is designed to recover lost NTFS data from formatted partition. Here, we need to recover lost NTFS data from formatted partition, so we select "Full Scan" to scan the whole partition.

Then, we can see much many partition states. Select the partition whose partition state is most similar to that of desired lost partition and click "Show Files" to view all data.

After finding and checking files needing to be recovered, we click "Save Files" to save these recovered data to an appointed safe place. Till now, NTFS partition data recovery software is finished thoroughly. 

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