Friday, November 23, 2012

Are your data recovery program safe and efficient?

Although there are many data recovery software in the market,  most of them have serious functional flaws. Once you recover deleted data with  data recovery programs,  you may not only fail to recover deleted data, but also cause secondary damage to deleted data, causing permanently data loss. Therefore, to avoid choosing data recovery programs with functional flaws, you'd better make choice as most experienced users do – download a safe and full-featured professional data recovery program-MiniTool Power Data Recovery from the professional data recovery programs website

How to recover deleted data with professional data recovery program?
To recover deleted data with professional data recovery program, you should download the recommended professional data recovery program on the professional data recovery website. After that, start this data recovery program.

After enter the main interface of this data recovery program, you will find it consists of 5 different function modules. Before using this data recovery program, you should choose the function module which is related with corresponding function module. For instance, choose Undelete Recovery function module to recover deleted data. After clicking the function module, enter next operating interface.

All partitions are displayed on this interface. Choose the partition where original data is and then click "Recover". Wait until this data recovery program complete the scan.

On Undelete Files Recovery interface of this data recovery program, you should firstly check the data to recover and click "Save Files". After that, save recovered data in safe location according to prompt. (Note: Don't directly store recovered data in original partition, or the deleted data will be overwritten, causing permanently data damage or data loss.). Then you fundamentally recover deleted data.

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