Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Best Free data recovery programs choice for Windows data recovery

 Though Microsoft is improving Windows security for every generation of Windows operating system, Windows security is also a big problem f. As is well known, data stored in Windows computer are often lost due to multiple reasons among which virus attack is a big factor. However, there are no data recovery programs in Windows. We have 3 choices when data are lost in Windows:
1. Suffer data loss. (It is adopted only when lost data are unimportant. 
2. Ask data recovery companies for help.
3. Use data recovery programs to recover lost data from Windows.

When encounter data loss, many users resort to data recovery companies. But in general situations, data recovery companies often charge so much data recovery fees, and common users can not afford it. Therefore, the third method becomes the very choice.

There are many data recovery program in the software market , here, a professional data recovery program d is recommended. MiniTool Power Data Recovery. With this free data recovery programs, users can recover lost data from Windows easily.

The best free data recovery program - 
MiniTool Power Data Recovery 

This is the main interface of a free data recovery program. Here, we can see different data recovery modules. As long as we choose needed module, data lost because of various kinds of security threats can be recovered in several steps.

 If pictures are lost, we can choose "Digital Media Recovery" module.
If you just delete data mistakenly, you can choose the functional module "Undelete Recovery". Aiming at different data loss situations, we should choose corresponding module. Then, Windows data recovery can be realized quite easily.

 The free data recovery program offers the function "Advanced Filter" which can filter out needless files especially when you only need to recover a certain file but the software scans out so many files.

This free data recovery program also has many other powerful data recovery functions. Want to recover lost data freely? Hurry to download this free data recovery program.

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