Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mac is not that secure as we imagine

Maybe many Mac users hold the view that Mac OS X is very different from popular Windows operating system in core and other technologies, so the virus infection rate is very much reduced than Windows operating system. In addition, Mac OS X has built-in disk encryption function, promoting Mac security a lot. Some even say Mac is impeccable. But is the fact really so?

Frequently happening important data loss and leaking events in MAC globally have proved a truth that Mac is not that secure as we imagine. With violently rising of Mac sales volume, Mac OS X occupies larger and larger market share, and there are not a few computer virus types aiming at Mac OS X, threatening important data security in Mac. Even disk encryption function in Mac is no longer secure for protecting data in Mac.

It is reported that forensic tool manufacturer Passware has shown that Mac OS X built-in File Vault disk encryption is decoded by its product, under the premise that Mac is not completely turned off after user has created File Vault. It is because data is saved to computer RAM and Passware tool can restore password from RAM. The whole process takes only less than 40 minutes. Detailed time it needs depends on the complexity and length of password. Therefore, Mac is not that secure as we imagine. Then how can we improve Mac security step by step?

Initially, to avoid this situation that password is restored, we should turn off Mac in time after creating File Vault so that data in computer RAM will be cleared. Secondly, with more and more Mac virus types, we should install a piece of excellent MAC anti-virus software such as the famous Kaspersky Virus Scanner. It is really a good choice. Moreover, to avoid unnecessary loss in MAC, we should also keep a piece of data recovery software like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery.

With these methods, even we can't guarantee data security for 100%, we can still promote Mac security to a large extent, reducing losses to the lowest when we encounter data loss in Mac.

For the important data security in Mac, we shouldn't blindly believe in the security of MAC itself, necessary virus defending measures and Mac data recovery solution should be seriously done. Then when data loss happens in MAC, we will not be too regretful and we can recover lost data easily.

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