Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Miraculous Mac file recovery tool – MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

As known to all, file recovery tools for Mac are few. Because of the great difference between Mac operating systems and Windows operating systems, much excellent Windows data recovery software can not operate normally in Mac. To resolve Mac users' problem, MiniTool Solution Ltd., after painstaking efforts, finally released the professional Mac file recovery tool – MiniTool Mac Data Recovery which is highly acclaimed. The Mac data recovery software runs perfectly in Mac and supports data recovery from HFS+ commonly used in Mac and NTFS and FAT partition common in Windows. More importantly, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is multifunctional Mac data recovery software. Then we'll recover deleted data from FAT32 partition, to further introduce functions of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. The detailed procedures are following. 

1. Launch MiniTool Mac Data Recovery and click the module "Undelete Recovery".

2. Select the FAT32 partition where we'll recover deleted data and click "Recover".

3. Check the files to be recovered and click "Save Files".

4. Click "Browse…" to save the recovered files.

Through 4 simple operations, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery helps us recovering deleted data quickly and completely, saving us a lot of unnecessary troubles and losses.

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  1. Hello All,
    The tool which was proposed her was good but was not able to fulfill my requirement. In my case, i have re-partitioned Mac hard drive volume and meanwhile the partition got corrupted and became inaccessible. The scenario of loss is so common but recovery cannot be made using this software. Later i tried another software to do data recovery from re-partitioned Mac partition. Amazingly it worked and i got all my data back lost at the time of re-partitioning. If you want to get the data back then you can download the software from this link.