Sunday, November 25, 2012

Recovering lost files from Mac under numerous kinds of situations

You must know that file recovery software is always not free, so many users give up lost file recovery. In order to make all users experience enjoyment brought by file recovery, MiniTool Solution Ltd. specially releases free file recovery software for home users.This company not only offers Windows users MiniTool Power Data Recovery but also provides Mac users MiniTool Mac Data Recovery.

 According to a large number of tests, user feedback, and users' demands, this software development company develops these 2 pieces of data recovery software starting from details. And even these users who know nothing about file recovery can recover lost files easily. Next, let's take MiniTool Mac Data Recovery for example to show their powerful functions.

Recover lost files from Mac with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

 To recover lost files from Mac with MiniTool Mac Data Recovery , we should log in to download it and install it to the computer. Then, run it to recover lost files from Mac. 

If we want to recover deleted files, we should select "Undelete Recovery" module. Of course, if you want to recover files lost due to other factors, you can select other modules. After clicking this module, we can see the following interface.

This is the recovery interface. Here, we can see partition information. Select the partition where deleted file recovery will be performed and click "Recover" button to scan the whole partition.

After the scan, all deleted files will be displayed. At this time, we need to find and check files which need recovering and click "Save Files" button.

Then, the system prompts us to set save path. We click "Browse…" to appoint save place, and then click "OK" button. Next, the system prompts us to confirm save place. We also click "OK" button. After that, we accomplish Mac file recovery successfully by using this best free file recovery software. 

Are you interested in this powerful and easy to use Mac file recovery tool and do you want to recover lost data for Mac? Please visit to download the professional Mac data recovery software.

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