Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Data security issue is extensively neglected by 99% users

What can we do when we need to destroy confidential data or privacy data? If the data is recorded with paper, we may fire it or thoroughly destroy it hundred years ago. But after the shredder appears, we usually use shredder to shred it. With the development of science and technology, currently most data is stored in electronic data form. To destroy files, we usually directly delete it. Is this method effective to delete data?

Just like what we see in the movie, a group of FBI detectives in casual clothes search through the leading character’s garbage can for the shredded files, and then piece together them as complete files to steal the data. When the FBI detectives search in the leading character’s home, we usually see they hold the hard disk formatted by the leader character and shout loudly: “We find the evidence”. Don’t think it is just movie and has nothing to do with you. Just like we can piece together the shredded files, we can also recover deleted files, because it is not difficult to undelete data. It is much easier to recover deleted files with data recovery software (like MiniTool Power Data Recovery) than piece together shredded files.

Why is data recovery so simple? When we delete file, the computer doesn’t delete the file data stored in hard disk, but marks the data with deletion tag to release the occupied space. Before new data occupies the space, file data is completely stored in our hard disk. Now, do you still think you have thoroughly deleted the data? If you encounter hacker, or someone steals your deleted data when repairing your computer, the data leak is not strange. And these things usually occur, such as the recent event of the News of the World, and the photo event of Britney Spears. It must have something to do with the situation where they just process deletion to the confidential files and personal privacy files. 

So how can we thoroughly wipe data in hard disk? The simplest way is to thoroughly destroy hard disk, but we all are unwilling to use it. Is there any more practical method? We can rewrite data to overwrite the space taken up by deleted data, but this method seems complicated. I searched for a long time, and tried plenty of software with wipe data function, finding the disk management software MiniTool Partition Wizard that can completely wipe data. After testing this data recovery software for multiple times, I found the hard disk data deleted by it can’t be recovered. Besides, this partition magic can perform various kinds of management, such as adjust partition without damaging data; convert FAT to NTFS, and back up data. To my surprise, it is free partition magic.

In our daily computer operations, don’t only perform deletion operation to the important data you don’t need any longer. Considering data security, we should use MiniTool Partition Wizard to thoroughly wipe data. Thus our data will not be stolen by other people.

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