Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to open Windows 7 built-in firewall?

Windows 7 built-in firewall is able to prevent computer virus from attacking computer effectively. In addition, operations are simple, too. After opening "Control Panel" of Windows 7 and clicking "Windows Firewall", we can see the following interface:

In this interface, select "Customize Settings" to enter the next interface:

Then, make settings aiming at 2 types of network environment. This first one is "Home or work (private) network location settings", and the other is "Public network location settings". Then, click "OK" button.

If we are unsatisfied with former settings, we can select "Restore defaults" to restore factory settings.

At last, we need to select "Advanced Settings" to make settings aiming at different network environment, like import policy, export policy, and restore default policy. After these operations, Windows Firewall is opened successfully.  

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