Monday, December 10, 2012

How to solve insufficient hard disk space?

After using computer for some time, many friends may find hard disk space is not enough. It doesn’t only indicate insufficient partition space, but means the lack of the whole hard disk space. As for such kind of situation, adjusting capacity of each partition is not enough. Two methods are practical – delete part of files or adds new hard disk.

Although the first solution can effectively relieve the lack of hard disk space, it can’t thoroughly solve problem because this situation will appear again after some time. Besides, when deleting files, we may accidentally delete data, causing important data information loss. Therefore, the most effective solution is to add a piece of hard disk. As hard disk technology constant advances, the capacity of hard disk on current market becomes bigger and bigger, and the price is low. It is really a good choice to add new hard disk to computer.      

Some friends feel the disk management becomes more difficult after you add new hard disk to computer, especially when creating new partition or classing and storing data. So, I provide a solution which facilitates performing partition management – to convert basic disk to dynamic disk. After this operation, we can create spanned volume with large capacity without being limited by single hard disk capacity. Besides, we can extend partition in original disk through other partition management tool to convert simple volume to spanned volume. Thus, we avoid lots of work of creating partition and transferring data. When we view disk drive, the partition amount is not changed while the partition capacity is extended.
From the introduction above, we can find this method saves lots of partition management time indeed. The whole profess includes two steps: firstly, use the computer built-in disk management tool to convert basic disk to dynamic disk. Secondly, extend the partition. After the first step, the disk becomes simple volume. Then we use partition management software which is able to extend dynamic volume such as MiniTool Partition Wizard to extend simple volume. All these two operations will cause no damage to partition data, so we don’t need to be worried.

Certainly, it is just one of the solutions for insufficient computer storage space. You will be appreciated if you share better method. 

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