Monday, December 24, 2012

Windows anti-virus skill

No matter which Windows operating system you are using, good anti-virus measure is very important, especially when we use the browser, e-mail or instant messaging software to surf on the internet. Although you have your anti-virus skills that have personal features, seen from security professional, they have some common principle. Here, I make a conclusion about some successfully anti-virus skills seen on the website about related data security information:   
1. Install professional anti-virus software before connecting computer to internet: Before connecting to internet, any computer with Windows operating system should has a piece of excellent anti-virus software. You should remember that the computer virus infection speed is faster than anti-virus software download speed. If you are unaware of it and you think computer virus needs no attention before opening the browser to download anti-virus software, you are like to play Russian Roulette in computer security.

2. Choose anti-virus software with true time scan function: In order to avoid malicious software or computer virus attacks, you need a true time automatically scanning tool. The tool can ensure that anti-virus software timely finds malicious software and computer virus in our daily work, and prevents it from spreading. Certainly, using true time scan may bring greater pressure to system operating. But we’d better not close it, especially when we view webpages and receive e-mails. We can’t speed up system operating through closing the true time scan function of anti-virus software.     

3. Perform regular full scan in system: It is not enough to use true time scan, and we should perform complete scan to system usually. If it is possible, you’d better perform automatic scan every day. Since true time scan can only prevent the existing virus recorded in feature codebase, it is very necessary to perform full scan after updating software. 

4. Don’t use two kinds of anti-virus software at the same time: It is a wrong choice to use two kinds of anti-virus software simultaneously, because using two different kinds of antivirus software can’t help users prevent virus well, in addition, it may cause the situation where one kind of anti-virus software searches and kills some key files of another kind of anti-virus software. Thus, both of the anti-virus software can’t run.

5. Reasonably partitioning: Here, many friends may feel strange, because anti-virus skill is the core of the above content, but we suddenly turn to reasonably distributing partition. Actually, reasonable partition distribution is a part of anti-virus skills. The friends who know about computer virus know anti-virus software can’t prevent all computer virus. Only after users submit the new virus to anti-virus software development company and the company adds the virus to the virus database of the software can the anti-virus software search and kill the virus. That is to say, when the virus just appears, it can’t be prevented. Therefore, we should reasonably distribute partition to prevent computer virus from invading the whole disk. For users who can’t perform partition operations, I suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard, the partition magic I have being using for a long time. You can use it to reasonably distribute partition.       

These are my Windows anti-virus skills above. Maybe they are not perfect, so I hope you can provide me with more suggestions to improve the anti-virus skill, and prevent our computer from being attacked by virus.

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