Thursday, January 31, 2013

Extend partition for Server 2008, thus, users can easily solve partition space lack problem

Under almost all Windows operating systems, users generally choose to partition hard drive to five partitions – one primary partition and four logical partitions, so do Windows Server 2008 users. When needing to extend partition, most users trend to adopt built-in disk management tool. After starting this utility through "Start" – "Control Panel" – "Management tool" – "Server Manager", users have to gain unallocated space from other partition first, and then make the unallocated space adjacent to the desired partition, and finally extend the desired partition with unallocated space. This is because the disk management tool can only help extend partition when unallocated space exists behind the desired partition. The real operations are more complicated and risky than the description above, so if users want to easily and safely extend partition for Server 2008, please employ professional Server 2008 partition magic.   

Extend partition for Server 2008 with Server 2008 partition magic

Since Server 2008 partition magic is able to extend partition for Server 2008 without data loss, users can download professional Server 2008 partition magic via without hesitation. Then, install it to computer. Take extending E: partition as example, users just need to follow these steps:

Start Server 2008 partition magic to enter the main interface. Then, select the F: partition and click "Move/Resize" button.

Drag the left partition handle border rightwards to gain unallocated space and click "OK" to go back to main interface. 

Select the E: partition and click "Move/Resize" button. 

Drag the right partition handle border rightwards and click "OK" to turn back to main interface. 

Click "Apply" button to thoroughly extend partition for Server 2008. 

After users extend partition for Server 2008, if you want to perform other partition management operations such as move partition, merge partition, copy partition, wipe partition and convert FAT to NTFS, just use this Server 2008 partition magic with ease

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