Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to merge partitions for Server with partition magic for Windows 2003?

To merge partitions with powerful partition magic for Windows 2003, users should firstly visit to download and install partition magic for Windows 2003. After that, start this partition magic for Windows 2003 to see the main interface.

In this interface, we can find all disks and partitions in computer. Select any partition, and click "Merge" button at the top:

In this interface, select the partition to merge, and click "Next" button to continue:

In this interface, select the second partition to merge. You need to pay attention to that only the two adjacent NTFS partitions can be merged successfully. If they are not, we can use the "Move/Resize" function to make them adjacent, and "Convert FAT to NTFS" function to convert file system. In addition, at the bottom of this interface, we can see there is a folder named "merged_partition_content", which saves all files and data of this partition. We can freely rename it. After setting, click "Finish" button o return to main interface:

In main interface, we can find the changes. At this time, click "Apply" button to execute operations. 

If you want to merge partitions with similar data on Windows Server 2003, thereby making Server data management more convenient, the powerful and reliable partition magic for Windows 2003 is undoubtedly the best assistant!

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