Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to recover data from damaged partition for MAC?

Damaged Partition Recovery is one of the most powerful Mac file recovery modules, which is capable of recovering lost data from damaged and formatted partition. In other words, Damaged Partition Recovery can recover lost Mac data from whatever invisible partitions. This data recovery module supports not only HFS+ file system of Mac OS X but files systems usually used under Windows like FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS. 
 Then we'll introduce how to use MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to recover a partition data for Mac from damaged partition.

1. In the main window of the professional Mac data recovery software, click "Damaged Partition Recovery".

2. Select the partition where the installation programs are stored and click "Open" to scan partition files.

3. In the file list, select the installation programs that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to store them to the appointed location and we'll successfully recover a partition data for Mac from damaged partition.

In the interface of advanced filter, we can define desired file styles by setting file suffix name. For instance, the suffix name of installation programs in Mac is .dmg, so we just need to input ".dmg" in the textbox behind "By Filename/Extension" and then click "OK" to finish advanced filter operation. 

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