Sunday, January 13, 2013

Methods for preventing USB flash drive viruses and data recovery

USB flash drive is the currently most commonly used mobile storage device. But data stored in USB flash drive is not safe. Along with the increasing using frequency of USB flash disk, viruses aimed at it are increasing as well and data losses often happen, which is very trying. For USB flash drive free from virus attack, anti-virus measures should be taken. And I will share my experience with all of you. 

As a rule after we plug USB flash disk into the computer, it will be opened and the data are shown automatically and viruses in USB flash drive will operate and infect with the computer. So we should cancel auto play function. The procedures are following.
1.         Click "Start" and select "Run" and then enter "gpedit.msc" to display "strategy group" window.
2.         In the left "Local Computer Policy", successively unfold "Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates – System" and then double click "Turn off Autoplay" in the title bar "Setting".
3.         Uncheck "Enabled" and select "All Drives" in the box of "Turn off Autoplay" and then click "OK".

The above is the method for canceling auto play of USB flash drive. This action is not enough and we should develop a good habit of using USB flash drive.
1.         Verifying viruses before using USB flash drive: we should use anti-virus software to check viruses before unfolding it.
2.         Unfolding USB flash drive by right clicking mouse: most people like to double click USB flash drive to unfold USB flash drive, which is not very correct. The computer will automatically run autorun.inf file and the viruses hiding in this file will attack the computer. The right method it to right click USB flash drive and click "Open".

Those above are my methods for preventing USB flash drive viruses. Despite those protecting measures, virus attacks still happen sometimes and cause data loss. A good friend recommended the free data recoverysoftware MiniTool Power Data Recovery to me and I am using it to recover lost data.

When recovering lost data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery, I found it powerful. It has comprehensive functions to resolve data loss problems caused by virus attack, accidental deletion and formatting, malicious invasion, incompatibility with software, system crash and other soft faults and is of great compatibility to run perfectly in Windows and support data recovery from various kinds of external storage device including USB flash drive, SD card, CF card, memory stick, mobile hard disk, optical disk and so on. 

However, we are supposed to take actions to prevent USB flash drive viruses in a bid to prevent data loss as much as possible; if data are lost, we can apply the data recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover lost data. 

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