Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tips on data recovery

In the process of daily computer use, we often meet data loss. But with the continuous development of software technology, lost data can be recovered as long as we choose excellent data recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery and EasyRecovery. Of course, we should be cautious before using data recovery software. Otherwise, lost data are easy to be unrecoverable. In order to make all of you recover lost data successfully, now, let me introduce some tips on data recovery.
 1.  Make data backup: if data stored on hard drive are extraordinarily important, you should backup the hard drive before lost data recovery. Then, perform data recovery with backup data.

2. Do not perform defrag: when encountering data loss, we are forbidden to perform defrag, because accidents may happen easily in the process of defrag, causing data to be lost thoroughly.

3.  Do not check hard drive: After there is something wrong with file system, the system will prompt whether to check hard drive when we boot operating system. And 10 seconds later, the system will check hard drive automatically. Although hard drive exploration can restore some lightly damaged catalogue files, most of the time, it will damage data, because hard drive exploration is unable to restore complex catalogue structure.

4.  Do not reformat partition: after we format a partition for the first time, the partition format will be changed, thus causing plenty of data to be lost. At this time, if we reformat the partition, some important data may be unrecoverable.

5. Do not recreate partition: after partition loss happens, do not recreate partition, because creating partition is easy to damage file allocation table, file record table, or other important parts of original partition, thereby increasing difficulty in recovering lost data. More seriously, lost data can not be recovered any more.

6.  Avoid data overwriting: after important data are lost, we should try our best to prevent lost data from being overwritten. At this time, we had better close down all download tools and stop surfing the internet. If lost data are stored on system partition, we had better close down the computer at once, and then connect the hard drive to other computers to perform lost data recovery, avoiding lost data being overwritten by data automatically generated by system.

7. Do not save recovered data to original partition: many users are used to saving recovered data to original partition. Actually, this is an absolutely wrong method. Once we save recovered data to the original partition, lost data are easily to be damaged. Therefore, we had better store recovered data to other partitions or other disks when using data recovery software to recover lost data.   

After seeing these tips, all of you must have known what we should do before using excellent data recovery software to recover lost data. As long as you do what I told to you, I believe you can accomplish lost data recovery easily and successfully. 

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