Saturday, February 16, 2013

File recovery in crashed Windows is possible and simple

Many users know file recovery can be accomplished easily by using file recovery software, but this kind of file recovery is based on the condition that operating system runs normally. Well, how about file recovery when Windows crashes? Can you imagine file recovery in crashed Windows? Maybe, many users think file recovery in crashed Windows impossible, but we say it can be realized easily. What users need is a piece of bootable filerecovery software, because this kind of software is able to boot computer as well as itself to perform file recovery. Through visiting, users can download a piece of excellent bootable file recovery software. Why do we say it is excellent? Reasons are shown below:
1.       It can boot computer and itself to start and then perform file recovery in crashed Windows.
2.       Functions are powerful and all-sided. This bootable file recovery software provides users with 4 file recovery modules which can recover deleted files, recover lost files from lost partition, recover lost files from damaged partition, and recover digital media files respectively.
3.       Own great compatibility. The bootable file recovery software supports mainstream Windows operating systems and commonly seen file systems.
4.       Own high file recovery efficiency and success rate.
5.       Operations are so simple.
Seeing these reasons, some users think the bootable file recovery software excellent while some are doubtful. Next, let’s make a demonstration which will remove all doubts.

Perform file recovery in crashed Windows
To use the bootable file recovery software to perform file recovery in crashed Windows, users need to make boot disk at first. Then, put boot disk to CD driver to boot computer and the software itself. After booting software successfully, we can see the following interface:

This is the main interface of the bootable file recovery software. Here, we can see 4 file recovery modules mentioned just now. When we move mouse pointer to one module, corresponding functional information will appear below. Apart from prompts here, detailed prompts are given in every step. As long as users operate according to prompts, they can accomplish file recovery in crashed Windows easily and successfully.

If Windows crashes and you want to recover lost files from crashed Windows, hurry to download the bootable file recovery software. 

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