Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Professional Windows partition magic that helps resize Server 2003 partitions

Disk management tool and command prompt tool of Windows Server 2003

The above is the main interface of disk management tool of Windows Server 2003. From the picture, we can see the tool only has a few partition management functions including Change Drive Letter, Format function, Delete Logical Drive, etc. It is unable to resize server 2003 partitions.

Then what should we do if resizing partition is needed? Some users may consider using command prompt tool. But the operations are complicated, as follows.
1.       Click "Start" button.

2.       Click "Command Prompt" function.
3.       Enter "diskpart" command
4.       Enter "list volume" (checking partition states).
5.       Enter "select volume X" (X represents partition number shown in "###")
6.       Enter "extend" command.

Seen from the above, it is not easy to resize partitions for Server 2003 with command prompt tool, either. If ordinary users who are not familiar with computers take this method, they may commit great blunders, which are likely to lead to unnecessary troubles. Actually, users could take advantage of professional Windows partition magic to resize partitions for Server 2003.

Professional Windows partition magic, resizing partitions for Server 2003
Users could visit  to download a piece of Windows partition magic. Then launch it after installation. The main interface will be shown, as follows.

Select any partition and we'll see many partition management operations. There are four functions able to resize Server 2003 partitions, including "Move/Resize Partition", "Extend Partition", "Split Partition" and "Merge Partition". We can use them to resize partitions in different situations. "Extend Partition" function is not limited by unallocated space. Whether there is unallocated space or where it is located makes no difference, for this function allows users directly take free space from other partitions. The other functions are also powerful. Please visit the homepage to get more related information.  

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