Sunday, March 17, 2013

An excellent tool for resizing Windows partition

Resizing Windows partition is the most common operation among all partition management tasks, but it has great importance. Skillful users may use Windows Command Prompt to resize partition and those who are not familiar with computer technology may choose Windows built-in disk management tool. However, neither of the tools is suitable for common Windows users. Command Prompt is difficult to use. Its complicated commands will make users puzzled and any mistake will lead to unimaginable troubles. As for disk management tool, it is unable to resize partition on some Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Server 2003. Although it is equipped with "Shrink Volume" and "Extend Volume" functions on Windows operating systems after Windows Vista, for example, Windows 7 and Windows 8, these functions are greatly limited, so it can not help users flexibly resize partition for Windows. Therefore, for the sake of resizing Windows partition at will, users need another tool. And partition magic is a pretty good choice.

Professional Windows partition magic
Users can download a piece of partition magic from The following screenshot shows its main interface (on Windows 8).

This home edition is free partition magic which can operate in common Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It has several functions to resize partition in different situations, including "Split Partition", "Extend Partition", "Move/Resize Partition" (although "Merge Partition" can also change partition size, it is not available on this edition). Users can use corresponding functions according to practical needs. For example, if a partition is too large and users want to divide it into two smaller partitions, "Split Partition" function can directly make it; if a partition is lacking in space, users can use "Extend Partition" to solve the problem.

But please notice that this free Windows partition magic can not be used to manage partitions on Windows Server operating systems and its Server edition should be used if users want to. For detailed procedures of resizing Windows partition or more information about other functions of the Windows partition magic, please visit the official website. 

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