Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to extend system partition for Windows 7?

In the process of using Windows 7, users may encounter the following situation.

From the above picture, users can see system partition runs out of space. This situation may cause the operating system to run slowly or freeze, which will influence normal use of computer. However, this problem is easy to deal with. What users need do is extend system partition for Windows 7. And professional partition magic is able to help.

Speaking of partition magic, its security is what users are most concerned about. There are multitudinous system files stored in system partition, which are of great importance. The operating system may fail to run if those files are lost or damaged. Therefore, partition magic security is the top aspect users should pay attention to. But users don't have to worry much. The free partition magic downloaded from is secure and reliable. Its simple operations and preview function are able to prevent users' mistaken operations, which will protect files to a large extent. And enhanced data protecting mode is provided to protect partition data. When users extend system partition on Windows 7, all files in system partition will not be influenced even if power if off suddenly. Therefore, users can use it to extend system partition for Windows 7 trustingly.

How to extend system partition for Windows 7?
Launch the free partition magic and users will see its main interface, as follows.

Please select system partition and then click "Extend Partition" function. Users can see the following window.

In this window, users could select the partition which the free space used to extend system partition will be taken from in the drop-down list. And then please drag the button below to resize partitions. After that, please click "OK" to go back to the main interface.

Back to the main interface, users can see system partition has been extended and Partition F: is shrunk at the same time. This is a preview effect. If it is not satisfying, please click "Undo" to cancel all operations and users can then redo extending system partition. If the result is desired, please click "Apply" to execute the operations, finishing extending system partition in a real sense.

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