Monday, March 18, 2013

: Hard disk recovery program for Mac, recovering lost data in many situations.

Users often run into hard disk data loss problems in the process of applying Mac, which will bring bad influences more or less. In this situation, have you ever considered hard disk recovery for Mac?

Speaking of this, some users may feel helpless. Most of the hard disk data recovery software, which runs smoothly on Windows, can not function on Mac on account of the particularity of Mac platform. If users really want to get a hard disk recovery program for Mac, please visit The professional Mac hard disk recovery program has powerful functions, able to solve almost all data loss problems caused by logical faults. For example, it is able to recover deleted data quickly, recover data from deleted, formatted and logically damaged Mac volume and recover lost photos pertinently. Besides its powerful functions, its another feature is simple operability. The hard disk recovery program for Mac is suitable for ordinary users. Even those who have no data recovery experience can use it to recover lost data with ease by following the prompts given in every step.

Users can see all its data recovery modules, which are able to recover lost data for Mac in different situations.
"Undelete Recovery": recovering deleted data quickly from Mac volume or mobile storage equipment.
"Damaged Partition Recovery": users can use it to recover data from formatted or inaccessible Mac volume.
"Lost Partition Recovery": if a Mac volume is deleted by accident, users can use this module to recover lost data.
"Digital Media Recovery": recovering lost photos, videos and audios.

According to practical situations, users can apply corresponding modules to perform operations. And all operations are very simple. Take photo recovery for example.

Photo recovery on Mac
If users want to recover lost photos only, please follow the procedures below.
1.       Launch the Mac hard disk recovery program and click "Digital Media Recovery" module.
2.       Select the volume where the lost photos were and click "Full Scan" button.
3.       Check the photos that will be recovered and click "Save Files" button.
4.       Click "Browse…" to set save path, and then click "OK", finishing Mac photo recovery.

For information about the other three modules, please visit the official website. 

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