Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hiding partition in Windows is good for preventing privacy leakage

In the process of data management in Windows, many users set important or private data like photos, plans, and emails hidden to avoid privacy leakage. However, malicious users can unhide data easily as long as they take simple operations. Well, is there a better way to avoid data leakage? Of course, there is. We can hide partition storing important data. However, Windows itself does not provide users with a good solution to hiding partition, so we have to use third-party partition magic freeware.

Why hiding partition in Windows is more effective than hiding file?
Hiding partition in Windows is the process of deleting partition identifier and changing internal data structure. If malicious people want to see data stored on hidden partition, they have to download partition magic freeware to our computer, and then use it to unhide partition. Operations are a lit bit troublesome.

Which partition magic freeware should be chosen for hiding partition in Windows?
On the software market, most partition magic freeware has defects in function or security. That is to say some partition magic freeware is unable to hide partition, and some can not ensure data security. In order to help users download excellent partition magic freeware, we recommend a professional downloading website After hiding partition in Windows by using the partition magic freeware, we can prevent data leakage from happening effectively.

Hiding partition in Windows with partition magic freeware
At first, we need to download and install the partition magic freeware to a certain partition which will not be operated, and then open it to get the following interface:

This is the main interface of the partition magic freeware. If we want to hide partition, we need to select the partition which needs hiding and click “Hide Partition” button from action panel. Then, we can see the following partition state:

Now, we can see drive letter of selected partition disappears, and partition status becomes “Hidden”. That is to say, this effect is desired. So, we need to click “Apply” button to perform hiding partition in Windows to computer. After that, partition magic freeware helps hide partition successfully.

To unhide partition, we just need to select the hidden partition and click “Unhide Partition” button. 

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