Thursday, March 21, 2013

Now users can use professional Mac hard disk recovery software to carry out hard disk data recovery on Mac

When important data on Mac are lost, Mac hard disk data recovery will be the first thing many users are concerned about. When data are deleted or a partition is formatted, the operating system can not find them, but we can use professional Mac hard disk recovery software to recover lost data. Please notice that we should prevent lost data from being overwritten before hard disk data recovery on Mac.

How to prevent overwriting lost data?
Once overwritten, lost data can not be recovered any more. Even professional data recovery companies can do nothing. Therefore, after data are lost, we should stop storing new data to the original partition. When installing data recovery software, we must not install it to the place where the lost data were stored; and when saving recovered data, we should not save them to the original location, either. Professional Mac hard disk recovery software can be used to recover lost data.

Mac hard disk recovery software
Please visit to download the professional Mac hard disk recovery software. After installation, launch it. And we'll see its main interface, as follows.

Four different data recovery modules are provided to recover lost data in different situations.
"Undelete Recovery": users can use this module to recover deleted files on Mac quickly.
"Damaged Partition Recovery": if users want to recover data from formatted or logically damaged partition, this module should be used.
"Lost Partition Recovery": users can recover data from deleted or lost partition by using this module.
"Digital Media Recovery": it allows users to recover lost photos, videos and audios from hard disk and removable storage devices.

We can apply suitable modules to recover lost data according to practical situations. For example, if data are deleted by accident, we can use "Undelete Recovery" module. For more information about the other three modules, please visit the official website.

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