Sunday, March 31, 2013

Partition magic for Vista, the best tool to realize good partition management.

Since Symantec stopped updating Partition Magic in 2003, this partition magic software no longer supports later Windows operating systems like Windows Vista/7/8 and Windows Server 2008/2012. Therefore, these Windows users have to look for other solutions to good partition management. In order to make up defects in partition management, Microsoft adds 2 new functions to Windows Vista and later Windows operating systems, namely “Extend Volume” and “Shrink Volume”. Nevertheless, all functions Vista built-in disk management tool provides still can not meet our demands for partition management. In addition, the function “Extend Volume” has defects. Firstly, it only supports NTFS partition extending. Secondly, it can extend partition only when there is unallocated space behind and adjacent to target partition. Therefore, when Windows Vista users want to accomplish good partition management, they have to download a partition magic for Vista.

Why choose partition magic to manage Vista partition?
There are many reasons for choosing partition magic to manage Vista partition. Here, we just introduce some main reasons:
1.       Functions provided by partition magic can realize almost all partition management.
2.       In the process of partition management, partition magic for Vista can ensure data security.
3.       Every partition management can be accomplished in several steps.
4.       It can provide free partition management service.
Seeing the above introduction, many users should be eager to download an excellent partition magic for Vista. Through visiting  users can download desired partition magic for Vista.

How to use partition magic for Vista?
If users want to use partition magic for Vista, they should download and install it to computer at first. Next, run it to open the main interface:

In the main interface, they need to select or right click the partition which needs managing and click desired function. Then, operating interface of the selected function will appear. Since detailed prompts are given, they can accomplish partition management by using the partition magic for Vista quite easily. At last, users should remember to click “Apply” button to perform all changes to computer.
The main interface shows the partition magic has so many functions which can accomplish almost all partition management. Therefore, this software is the best partition magic for Vista. Hurry to download it to manage Vista partition. 

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