Sunday, March 3, 2013

Partition magic freeware is the best Partition Magic alternative

In the past, when talking about tools for partition management, most users would recommend Partition Magic. It is really an excellent tool which can accomplish all-sided and safe partition management in Windows XP and former Windows operating systems. But unluckily, it does not support Windows Vista/7/8 and Windows Server 2008/2012. Under these operating systems, if users want to accomplish good partition management, they have to look for Partition Magic alternatives.

Nowadays, we can say partition magic freeware is the best Partition Magic alternative. What’s the reason? Firstly, partition magic freeware can provide free partition management service. Secondly, it is able to accomplish all-sided partition management and disk management. Thirdly, it supports all mainstream Windows operating systems (even the 2 latest Windows operating systems namely Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012). Fourthly, partition magic freeware will not bring any influence on original data. At last, users can get technical support at any time. Next, let’s see one of best Partition Magic alternatives. Through visiting, users can download it. After opening this partition magic freeware and selecting one partition, we can see the following interface:

In this interface, we can see all-sided partition management functions from action panel, and we can say these functions can meet almost all demands for partition management. Every function can be realized in several steps, and detailed operating prompts are provided in every step. If users do not believe what we said, we take the function “Move/Resize Partition” for example. After clicking this function, we can see this interface:

In this interface, we can see many words. Words boxed with red line introduces main functions of this functional button; words boxed with green line tell us this best Partition Magic alternative provides data protecting measures; words boxed with blue line give us tips on moving/resizing partition. Through dragging the whole partition handle, we can move partition. Through dragging triangles on both sides of partition handle, we can resize partition. In addition, this partition magic freeware offers preview effect to avoid mistaken operation, like the following interface shows:

From partition list, we can preview changes. If changes are desired, we need to click “Apply” button to apply changes to computer. If changes we made are undesired, we can click “Undo” to cancel last operation and click “Discard” to cancel all changes. All these designs can protect data effectively.

Seeing the above introduction, users should believe partition magic freeware is the best Partition Magic alternative. When you need to perform partition management, remember to use this best Partition Magic alternative.

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