Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Partition magic software for Windows 8, extending partition freely

Windows 8 is another new operating system of Microsoft. It is a multi-platform operating system which can be used on tablet computers, laptops, PC and smartphones. Windows 8 has many new properties and improves in many aspects except disk management tool. The built-in disk management tool of Windows 8 is still disappointing that it can not help users finish many common partition management operations.

The above is the main interface of the disk management tool in Windows 8, from which we can see its defects. The free space (marked with bight green) can only be used to extend the partition in front of it, which means that the unallocated space can only be used to extend Partition G: in this interface instead of the other partitions. And if users right click Partition F:, users will see the following situation.

"Extend Volume" function is inactivated. In this situation, what should users do to extend Partition F: with the free space? Professional partition magic software for Windows 8 is necessary. And users could download it from . This free partition magic has powerful functions and high compatibility. Users can use it to extend partition on Windows 8 trustingly.

How to extend partition with partition magic software for Windows 8?
We are going to show how to extend Partition F: with the free space with this free partition magic. Please download the partition magic software for Windows 8 and install it to the computer. Then launch it. Its main interface will be shown, as follows.

Please select Partition F: and then click "Extend Partition" function. Users will see the following interface.

Users can select the unallocated space directly in the drop-list to extend Partition F: and drag the middle button to decide how much free space will be used to extend Partition F:. Here, we'll take all of it, so we'll drag the button to the right end. Then click "OK" to go back to the main interface.

In the main interface, users can see Partition F: has been extended. Please click "Apply" to execute the operation, finishing extending partition in a real sense.

From the above demonstration, users can know using this partition magic to extend partition is not limited by the allocation of the free space. Besides, it also has many other powerful functions. For more detailed information, please visit other pages on this website. 

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