Monday, March 25, 2013

: Recovering lost Mac files – photo recovery on Mac

Mac is of high security, so it is less possible that it is attacked by viruses. But this doesn't suggest data won't be lost from Mac. According to some statistics, it is users' mistaken operations rather than viruses and malicious attacks that are responsible for data loss problems. Therefore, despite Mac having high security, Mac data loss problems can not be precluded absolutely. In the face of data loss on Mac, it is the best solution to recover lost Mac files, in order to prevent unnecessary troubles and serious consequences. And the professional Mac hard disk recovery software downloaded from  is able to help users. The free Mac data recovery software is easy to use. Even users who have no professional data recovery experience can use it to recover lost files on Mac easily.

Four data recovery modules are provided. They respectively have different responsibilities.
"Undelete Recovery": recovering deleted data from Mac and mobile storage devices quickly.
"Damaged Partition Recovery": recovering data from formatted or logically damaged Mac volume and various kinds of removable storage devices.
"Lost Partition Recovery": performing data recovery from deleted or lost Mac volume.
"Digital Media Recovery": this module is the best choice for photo recovery from Mac and a variety of mobile storage devices including SD card, USB flash drive, iPod, memory stick and mobile hard drive.

Take photo recovery on Mac for example.
Please click "Digital Media Recovery" module. Users will see the following interface.

In this interface, all Mac volumes are listed. Users should select the one where the lost photos were stored and then click "Full Scan" button. After scanning volume is finished, all lost digital media files in the volume will be shown. Users just need to check the photos that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to store them to another volume. If there are too many files, users can use "Advanced Filter" function which will facilitate looking for photos. 

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