Sunday, April 21, 2013

Server 2008 partition software recommended in this article can resizes partition for Server 2008 without damaging data

Most Windows Server 2008 users once encounter the problem that one partition is lack of unallocated space while other partitions have excessed space. How to balance the partition space distribution? Some users try to resize partition for Server 2008 with the built-in disk management tool, but suffer lots of limitations. For instance, users can only extend partition backward or compress partition frontward. For sake of data security and convenience, Windows Server 2008 users are advised to resize for Server 2008 with professional Server partition software.

Professional server 2008 partition software enables users to free resize partition for Server 2008

Taking all factors into account, industry insiders recommend the professional Server 2008 partition software with complete functions and high data security for users. Just visit  to download the Server 2008 partition software, and then resize partition for Server 2008 by following the prompts below.

After downloading and installing the Server 2008 partition software, start it to see the concise and user-friendly interface.    

Here, select the partition to resize, and then click the “Move/Resize Partition” to see pop-up dialogue box shown below.

To resize partition for Server 2008, users just need to drag the partition handle border or directly enter desired partition size into corresponding textbox. As shown above, the partition is extended.

Confirm the resizing effect is wanted, and then click “OK”.

Finally, click “Apply” to thoroughly resize partition for Server 2008. 

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