Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ways to recover deleted files on Windows 8.

How to delete files on Windows 8?
Usually users often delete files in two ways.
1.       Using "Delete" command.
2.       Deleting files by using "Shift" + "Del" keys.

However, users may delete some important files accidentally in the process, which may cause many troubles. And users have to recover deleted files on Windows in time.

How to recover deleted files on Windows 8?
If users delete files with "Delete" command, deleted files will be moved into Recycle Bin. And users can recover them easily unless Recycle Bin is emptied. However, if Recycle Bin is emptied or users delete files by press "Shift" + "Del" keys, professional file recovery software is necessary if users want to recover deleted files. And free file recovery software for Windows 8 can be downloaded from  

Before recovering deleted files, please download and install the free file recovery software to Windows 8. Then launch it. Users will see the starting interface, as follows.

Five file recovery modules are provided to recover lost files in different situations. And users can undelete files on Windows 8 by using "Undelete Recovery" module. Click the module, users will see the following interface.

Select the partition where the deleted files were and click "Recover". The following interface will be shown.

Please check the data that will be recovered and click "Save Files" to store them.

Other functions of the free file recovery software
"Undelete Recovery" module can also be used to recover deleted data for mobile storage devices. Besides, the other four modules also have different functions.
"Damaged Partition Recovery": recovering data from logically damaged partition and formatted partition
"Lost Partition Recovery": recovering files from lost and deleted partition
"Digital Media Recovery": recovering lost photos, videos and music files from various kinds of storage devices
"CD/DVD Recovery": recovering lost files from CD and DVD

This free file recovery software can be taken as the best file recovery software. You can get more information from its official website. 

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