Sunday, April 7, 2013

Windows Server 2008 partition software is the best assistant to manage server partition

Now, Windows Server 2008 is one of most popular Server operating systems, and it is famous for excellent performance such as high security, fast running speed, and good stability. Since the release of Windows Server 2008, more and more enterprises and organizations choose this Server operating system to help manage data information. However, in the process of Server 2008 use, users have to solve a big problem if they want to make this Server operating system well, namely server partition management. Though Windows Server 2008 has been improved a lot compared with former Windows operating systems, it has not made great achievement in server partition management. Compared with Windows Server 2003 built-in disk management tool, Windows Server 2008 built-in disk management tool is just added with few functions like shrink volume and extend volume, which still can not meet demands for server partition management.

Experienced users know Windows Server 2008 partition software should be downloaded if server users want to accomplish great server partition management. This kind of software is able to complete all-sided server partition management, disk management, dynamic disk management, and volume management. Nevertheless, it is not easy to find and download professional Windows Server 2008 partition software, because most is unqualified and may bring serious consequences. But now, professional downloading website is recommended. Hurry to download professional Windows Server 2008 partition software from this website.

After owning this software, users should want to know how to manage server partition by using it. For detailed operations, please look at the following example.

Hide partition with Windows Server 2008 partition software
After downloading and installing the Windows Server 2008 partition software to a partition which will not be used, please run it to get the following interface:

Here, please select the partition which needs hiding and choose the function “Hide Partition” from action panel.
At last, click “Apply” button to apply changes to computer.

After application, Windows Server 2008 partition software completes corresponding server partition management thoroughly. 

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